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STA Team Tennis

STA Team Tennis is a members only event where teams of 4 players compete against each other over the course of a summer/fall.  Players that enter the event are divided between the teams so that the skill level of each team is as even as possible.  Each team plays every other team once in 4 singles and 2 doubles matches. 

The theme of the 2017 Team Tennis season is “Seattle Super Heroes”. Individuals are invited to play in Super Hero themed outfits (though not required) – and teams are encouraged to come up with Super Hero themed names.

The entry fee is $60/person.

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Team Creation

Teams will be selected/drawn at a venue and time to be determined.  The goal is to create the most competitive teams as possible while still allowing each team to utilize its players in the most effective manner.

Player Levels

Because this is a club event and not a GLTA event, both your USTA and GLTA singles rankings will be considered. You must play the level that reflects the higher of the USTA or GLTA singles rankings. (i.e. 
If you are a GLTA B, but a USTA 4.0, you will be considered a 4.0 player for this event. When you look for substitutes, the same rules apply if they have a USTA or a GLTA ranking.

Players can always play up, they cannot play down a level. 

Team Match Format

Each match between teams will include six matches:




No. 1 SinglesMatch

No. 1 DoublesMatch

No. 2 SinglesMatch    

No. 2 Doubles Match

No. 3 SinglesMatch

No. 4 SinglesMatch

10 minutes before each match, team captains must submit their team lineup to the Team Tennis Coordinator. Captains will need to place 
each player into one of the 4 singles match positions and one of the doubles positions. Guidelines for each position are listed below:




  • Must play No. 1 singles

  • Must play No. 1 doubles


  • Must play No. 2 singles

  • May play No. 1 or 2 doubles, at team captain’s discretion


  • May play either No. 3 or 4 Singles, at the team captain’s discretion

  • May play No. 1 or 2 doubles, at team captain’s discretion


  • May play either No. 3 or 4 Singles at the team captain’s discretion

  • May play No. 1 or 2 doubles, at team captain’s discretion


The team tennis coordinator has final approval of lineups each week.


Schedule & Location

Sunday's from 2pm - 4pm at the Amy Yee Tennis Center.

July 30, 2017
August 13, 2017
August 20, 2017
August 27, 2017 - Semi final
September 10, 2017 - Final

Match Play & Scoring

Teams will play three weeks of round-robin competition. The results of the round-robin will determine the seeding for the elimination bracket to be played beginning the weekend of August 27


Round Robin
In each singles and doubles match, the winner is the team to win a pro set (first to 8 games, winning by 2, standard 1-point tie-break at 7-7). Third deuce no-ad scoring will be used.

Semis and Finals
In each singles match, the winner is the first player to win two standard sets. 3
rd deuce no ad scoring will be used. If the players split the first two sets, a super tie-breaker (first to 10 points winning by 2) will decide the match.
In each doubles match, the winner is the team to win a super pro set (first to 10 games winning by 2 games, standard 12-point tie-breaker at 9-9). 3rd deuce no-ad scoring will be used. 

Scoring formats can be modified to accommodate time constraints or weather issues. There will not be any modified scoring to accommodate a players’ own scheduling conflicts.

All matches will be played regardless of team match score.  
Scores should be turned in at the end of each team match, and signed by each team captain. The team that wins the most matches wins the team match. If both teams win three matches, the winning team will be decided according to these tie-breakers (in this order):

*Most sets won (skip this step if round robin)
Most games won
Most tie-breakers won (including 3rd set tie-breakers)
Most tie-breaker points won

Seeding for the single elimination bracket will be *determined using the following criteria (in this order):

*Most team matches won

*Most individual matches won
*Most sets won

*Most games won

*Fewest sets lost

*Fewest games lost

Late Arrival

Late arrivals will be penalized as follows:

Late Arrival


1-4 Minutes

Loss of toss and two games

5-9 Minutes

Loss of toss and three games

10-14 Minutes

Loss of toss and four games

15 Minutes or more



Warm-Up & Breaks

A five-minute warm up will be strictly enforced. All change over breaks will be 60 seconds, maximum. There will be no break during the change over after the first game of each set. Each player is allowed one three-minute bathroom or injury break.


Coaching is allowed during change overs and between sets by the team captain or another team member designated by the captain.


Each player should find his/her own substitute, notify his/her captain of the schedule, and notify the team tennis coordinator. The player should inform the substitute of the match time and location. A team may have no more than two substitutes during the team match.

Any STA member is eligible to be a substitute. STA member contact information is available on our member list. Substitutes must be chosen to replace the player at the same skill level category (or below) as indicated in the Player Level section.

All individual matches with substitutes will be played, but the 
match(es) using substitutes that do not adhere to the guidelines referenced above will be automatically awarded to the opposing team with a score of 6-0, 6-0.



In the event of rain, or adverse weather conditions, matches can be canceled, rescheduled or played indoors. The team tennis coordinator will make all rescheduling decisions.